Careers in Law at Caveat Solicitors


Caveat Solicitors recruit people who have client care at the forefront and can enhance the quality of the legal services we provide to our clients. Call us today on the number listed at the top of this page to see if we have a suitable vacancy for you.

Fee Share Consultants

Caveat Solicitors is looking to develop and expand its team of consultants in all disciplines including immigration, child care law, private family law, criminal defence, housing and employment.

Why choose Consultancy?

Caveat Solicitors supports experienced and qualified solicitors, under a fee sharing arrangement. We provide an opportunity to further your legal career without the constraints of employment, or the costs and risks of setting up alone. Working as a consultant at Caveat Solicitors provides flexibility in the way you wish to work, whilst securing the stability of a steady income through our excellent fee share scheme.

Our consultants benefit from the firms IT infrastructure and case management system, telephone and front office support, marketing support as well as offices at four different locations in London.

At Caveat Solicitors we create a team environment and encourage and promote active working relationships between our consultants and other staff. Whilst most of our consultants will have their own client following, we can also provide cases for the consultant to conduct. We have developed an effective culture of cross referrals between consultants within our various departments as we believe that it is important for the growth and development of the firm that everyone regularly communicates with each other to share experiences and ideas.

If youre interested in becoming a Fee Share Consultant, please email us using the form on this website for more information.

Work Experience

We are offering work placements to graduates in our various departments. The placement will entail undertaking research and preparatory tasks under the supervision of a qualified solicitor and having the opportunity to really understand what it is like to work in a legal environment. The experience is an invaluable way of potential trainee solicitors getting to understand the way the firm works and what kind of firm we are.

If you are interested in work experience with us please email us via the link on our Contact Us page for details on where to send your CV and covering letter.

Outdoor Clerks

We are interested to hear from anyone who would like to undertake outdoor clerking with the firm, the candidates would ideally have had done previous clerking which involves attending court, prison or other venues with counsel and the client and taking notes and accurate time recording. We offer competitive remuneration based on half and full day rates.

If you are interested in an outdoor clerking opportunity with us please email us on or on our Contact Us page for details on where to send your CV and covering letter.